Welcome to the Rietbron Animal Care Team

Rietbron Animal Care Team is a small no profit organization that started in 2015, we work for the welfare of all animals in our community.

By educating owners about animal health and how to take better care of their pets. We address abuse.

Our main goal is to control population, we do this through regular sterilization clinics. If one can control the population, in a certain sense one combats abuse and too many hungry animals.

In the meantime, we also take care of a healthy pet population by applying parasite treatment weekly, dipping dogs and deworming.

We also organize an annual canine rabies vaccination day.

Then there are also clinical cases such as cancer, wounds and broken bones, those animals take to our vet in Beaufort West.

It all comes from the love for animals and animal rights.

Donations of blankets & food ALWAYS welcome!  Can be dropped off at Kapok Winkel

We need YOUR HELP!

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