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Registered NGO that focuses on the Development, Tourism, Education and Conservation of Rietbron

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In short:

Development - the development of Rietbron with the aim of maintaining the character of the town.  Focus areas:

  • Two main streets ( street names, fill open areas with colour )
  • Other streets ( get street lights, remove garden refuse & building rubble)
  • Other areas:
    • Establish colourful & water-wise plants & trees
    • Recycling
    • Support positive Rietbron initiatives

Tourism - Improve the visual image of a well-maintained town & present town history

  • Create an information centre
  • focus om 3 entrances to town
  • Roadsigns
  • Look at products unique to the area
  • Historical buildings
    • Museum
    • Paddadam (frog dam)
    • Church
    • Old School & hall building
    • Markdam (market dam)
    • Old cemetery
    • New cemetery
    • Bron" (fountain)
    • Community Hall

Education - Knowledge of nature, maintenence & responsabilities

    • Adults: Awareness & distribution of plants ( eg how to plant fruit trees, preparation of the holes & water care)
    • Children: Earth Month in Apr to Jun, and spring activities in Sept


    • Nature:
      • Control of intruder plants
      • Plant of indigenous & water-wise plants &  trees
    • History:
      • information boards at Markdam, Old Cemetery, Paddadam, Museum, Church, Old School & hall, Bron
      • Highlight the old buildings, maintain buildings & gardens, collect history on buildings in town

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